IRSauctioneer » Local Online Auctions (Columbus, Ohio)

Welcome and experience thousands of treasures up for auction in Central Ohio. As a buyer you will enjoy bidding with confidence on local treasures that you can preview and hold before committing to buy. As a seller you can enjoy a process of sales for you items that allow thousands of local bidders to compete and determine market value quickly!

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IRSauctioneer PROXIBID » National Online Auctions

Welcome Buyers and Sellers to experience our online auctions of High Value Chattel on a National platform! Choose from thousands of treasures as we offer our High End JEWELS, PRECIOUS METALS, RARE COLLECTIBLES, COLLECTIBLE AUTOMOBILES, HIGH VALUE INDUSTRIAL AND TOP SHELF COMMERCIAL ITEMS! Sellers will experience a National platform of over 1 million active bidders from all over the United States and abroad!

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